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Friday, June 8, 2012

Haul: James Cooper Jazzy Collection

  Got myself some James Cooper cosmetic products and these are part of the Jazzy Collection.  If I'm not mistaken, James Cooper is a well known celebrity hairstylist/makeup artist here in the Philippines who also came up with his own cosmetics line much like Fanny Serrano.  Not sure who started first but I've been seeing JC products at SM Department Store in the past few years.  Never really got the chance to try them until now.  Not sure why but probably I was too caught up with other well known brands then =P

  Glad I got to finally try them and for the first time I am wowed by a local brand.  Bought the liquid mineral blusher (PhP 399) and aqua cream eyeshadow (PhP 299) at the SM Mall of Asia Department Store.

  Okay, so it is a local brand but these babies are made in France.  What really caught my eye was that it reminded me so much of Make Up For Ever.  At first glance one might think these are actual dupes which is great for someone like me who's obsessed with MUFE but doesn't want to shell out that much moolah on makeup (not just yet... )=P

  Funny that it seems intentional that their cream eyeshadow is also called aqua cream eyeshadow and this blusher is also packaged very similarly to the MUFE HD Blushes.  But the similarity ends there.  Not that these are of poor quality.  But rather these are unique products that are just packaged that way probably for marketing strategy.

  I am very much into metallic eyeshadow so I grabbed their aqua cream e/s in ACE-004 (quite annoyed with cryptic color codes) and fell in love with it.  Pigmentation is not quite opaque but it is buildable.  Sadly, it's not really waterproof and creases a bit on my extremely oily lids.  But since I don't use cream e/s on their own and usually layer it between primer and powder e/s this won't be a problem.  I just love how it amps up similarly colored powder e/s.  Oh, and it has teeny tiny glitters which gives a very pretty, sparkly effect.  =) 

  The other item I got is the liquid mineral blusher in LMB-08 (again, quite annoyed with the code).  I think this should be renamed as cream mineral blusher because the consistency is more of creamy rather than liquid.  I love the color of this blush, seems like a warm pink in flash photography but actually looks peachy pink in natural lighting.  Pigmentation is not so opaque but still buildable.  Like most blushes, it only lasts 2-3 hours tops on my extremely oily skin but this is easily remedied by layering with a powder blush.  One thing I don't like about this product is the packaging.  The pump sometimes doesn't work or dispenses a whole lot of product.     

  Overall, I am very impressed with these two that I am planning to get the other colors as well.  Very happy to say that they have quite a range of colors available.  I also appreciate the boxes they came in as they look classy and they even have the ingredients listed.  The production and expiry dates are also indicated.

  Hope this is helpful to anyone who is on the look out for affordable but good quality local brands like me.  =) xoxo  

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