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Monday, February 27, 2012

Haul Sneak Peek!

What happens when I go to the mall?

This happens.  =P

And because I was so frustrated with my previous pictures, I got this as well c/o my hubby.  :)

Will do separate posts on each item.

BTW, the pouch is for size reference.  Thank you to my cousin, Ate Mia, for giving me Clinique goodies!  :)  xoxo

Saturday, February 25, 2012

EOTD: Smoky Black/Purple

I woke up today thinking of doing an EOTD and this is what I came up with.  Smoky eyes are my all time favorite because it is dramatic and makes the eyes interesting.  Normally, a smoky eye is just a singular color preferably dark or intense applied darkest at the lash line blended upwards making the "smoky" effect.

This look is more of a modified/modern smoky eye wherein a combination of colors are used and the smoky effect is at the crease.

Keep on reading for the steps to get this look.

My very first travel palette: Lancôme Absolu Voyage

  I got this palette two years ago when I went to Singapore for a few days of training.  Funny that I got this on board Singapore Airlines on my way back to the Philippines when I actually visited Sephora at Ion Mall.  I could've gotten myself some Urban Decay stuff which I regret not buying at the time as I was too busy checking out the entire store.  I was lost in la la land =P.

  I ended up testing everything at Sephora to my heart's content but didn't notice they were closing down the store lol.  So to make the long story short, I ended up empty handed but still blissful after playing in wonderland.

  Fast forward to my flight back home, I was checking out their duty free catalog tucked in front of my seat and found the cosmetics section.  There were other palettes in the catalog including Dior travel palettes which are very pretty.  But what made me choose this one other than it being cheaper than Dior is that it does not only contain eyeshadows or lipstick, it has everything for the face.

Welcome to my blog!

  Everyday I make sure I visit all my favorite blogs and YouTube channels (will make a separate post on this) to keep me inspired throughout the day.  And all of these are beauty related blogs made by either local or international bloggers.  (Can't get enough of the word "blog" =P)

  Each time I read a post I say to myself "why not start my own beauty blog and share what I've learned so far?" and I keep on putting off the idea until now.