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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Really, really, really bad skin =(

WARNING: The following image might gross you out!!!

  Growing up with almost clear skin, adult acne came as a shock to me.  I did not suffer the wrath of acne until last year when I suddenly got plagued with cystic acne.  I know something is wrong with my hormones and stuff so I scoured the internet for answers.  While I resort to the internet, I highly suggest you check with your dermatologist.  I'm just sharing my experience and this post should not be treated as an expert opinion.

  I have here a snapshot of my left cheek.  As you can see, I don't have any active cystic acne at the moment but I have a lot of dark acne scars.  I'm too ashamed of my skin that I watermarked my image using a font color similar to my skin tone =(  Being used to having clear skin in previous years, I tried to get rid of acne by picking on them which is a big no no!!!  Sometimes I find myself picking on my skin when I'm stressed and just realized it became a habit... a bad one =(

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So, where have I been?

  Writing this post after 10 months of being MIA feels like the first time all over again.  My apologies for not updating my blog for so long.  I can think of a thousand excuses for not doing blog posts but to sum it up... life just happened.

  No, I did not have a "writer's block".  I've just been very busy procrastinating =P  Kidding aside, I just found it difficult to juggle between household chores, taking care of our dogs, WORK, BUSINESS and JUICING.  Yes, I did say business =P  I've started selling online mainly cosmetics and I've also started juicing for better health.