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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Haul: Beauty Pro Cosmetics Sweet and Smokey Palette

  Here are the last two palettes I got from the Superb Super Sale Bazaar.  These are the Beauty Pro Cosmetics Palettes by  Brigitte who is a makeup artist herself.  I got these babies via Digital Traincase.  I actually met Paul and would like to thank him for the discount and for shipping the Crazy Colour palette as they don't have this one at the bazaar.

  Anyway, I will start off with the Sweet and Smokey Palette because it's going to be a very lengthy post if I did both palettes in one go =P  The Sweet and Smokey Palette consists of neutral and colorful eyeshadows both in matte and shimmer finishes.  I find this palette very suitable for bridal makeup as well as neutral to smokey looks.  Those who are shy of using colors in their eyes will find this palette a very subtle and nice way of using colorful eyeshadows without going overboard.

  I love this palette because pigmentation is superb.  The powders are very creamy and blend easily.  It also doesn't have any weird scent.  Each e/s is huge so this will last many applications.  I find the selection of colors and finish very nice.  Also, this palette looks so posh.  Can't really describe the packaging but seems to be a cardboard coated with black rubbery plastic.  Magnets keep this palette secure.

  Here is a photo of the palette taken with flash:                     

 Also, swatches were taken with flash.  These are arranged according to row starting with the top one. 

  My favorite color is one next to the brown e/s which is a shimmery greenish black e/s.  I find this color very unique.  =)  Sorry if my last photo seems to be of different color as this was taken with just flash while the other two were taken with flash+daylight.  =P

  I'll feature the Crazy Colour Palette in my next post =) xoxo

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