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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Foundation: NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation

  So I got this foundation a few weeks back and have been using it since then.  Got it in the shade SMF05 Soft Beige which is a good match.

  The packaging indicates the ff.:
  • Oil Free
  • Water Based
  • Full Coverage
  • Mineral Enriched
  • Matte Finish

  I have checked the ingredients and although it has aqua (water) in it, it still has dimethicone which is a silicone polymer.  So I'm quite confused.  Although it contains dimethicone the consistency of the product is quite runny and feels lightweight on the skin.  But what really intrigued me and caused me to buy this product is the name itself.  What does "stay matte but not flat" mean?  Plus, it says it offers full coverage and I need all the coverage I can get to hide my acne scars.  So I bought it and put it to the test.

  Here is a drop of the foundation and as shown the consistency is quite thin and runny.  This is probably due to the water content.   

  I have blended the foundation on my hand and it photographs beautifully.  This was taken in direct sunlight.   

  Ok, so it looks great on my hand.  How does it fair on my face?  I have applied a single layer on my right cheek which has some pigmentation due to acne.  No primer underneath.    

  I'm quite disappointed with the actual coverage (which is light to medium) as against the claim of full coverage.  The foundation can be layered but my pigmentation still shows through.  As for the finish, I think the "stay matte but not flat" on my oily skin = dewy finish.  On my hand it looks like a cross between satin and matte finish so I guess that's what the name meant.

  I still need to set this with powder to keep my oilies at bay.  But I find it looks amazing when applied on top of the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer and set with a translucent powder.  It gives my skin a healthy glow and rids of the dullness due to lack of sleep and poor diet hehehe =P 

  Although it didn't really cover everything I needed covered, I still like this foundation because it is lightweight and makes my skin look healthy.  I also find it very easy to blend and for the price of PhP600 it is not really that bad.  =) xoxo


  1. I was looking for reviews on this product in order to decide whether I buy it or not. I'm still trying to decide because I have dry skin and you have oily skin, so I have to look for something else. Anyway, thanks for the review :)

    1. Thank you :) I hope you find another review that is suitable for your skin type.