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Saturday, August 11, 2012

UAAP Series: UST Growling Tigers

   "Black Gold, Black White... Black Gold, Black White..."

  It's UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines) season and I'll be doing eye makeup inspired by the team colors.  If you're studying or have studied here in the Philippines chances are you are familiar with this annual sports event.  For those who have no idea what UAAP is, it is an inter-university sports association.  Each year the member universities compete in various sports including basketball (most popular), volleyball, swimming, etc.  

  To start it off, I created this look inspired by the colors of my alma mater the University of Santo Tomas.  I love UAAP season and have been part of the pep squad during my college years.  Also, I've been part of the Judo varsity team from high school to college.  (A major motivation was the exemption from CAT/PE)  =P  Sorry, I'm not doing a step-by-step procedure on this one as this is not really a wearable look =P  

  P.S. Excuse my long and unruly eyebrows as I'm trying to grow them out =P xoxo