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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Palette: Stila In The Moment Sample Palette

  I got my hands on a sample of Stila In The Moment palette which looks like this:

  It is a folded page of cardboard containing ten of Stila's award-winning eyeshadows.  I apologize for the "bent" look.  This palette came as is and it probably got squished during transit.  But nonetheless, the products inside remained intact.

  Inside, the shadows were protected with a clear plastic but were removed during the review.  The top half contains two of the looks that can be created using the eyeshadows.  I find this useful especially for beginners because these are step by step instructions on how to achieve each look.  The bottom half contains the eyeshadows in sample amounts which I think can last up to 3 applications.    

  Here's a closer look at the eyeshadows.  (I have already swatched them when this was taken.)  It is a mixture of neutral to purple shades that can be used wet or dry.  There is only one matte eyeshadow in this palette and that is Desire (bottom row, leftmost e/s).

  According to Stila, the palette contains the ff. shades:  (Descriptions are arranged according to the swatches)

Instinct - light baby pink with pink & white shimmer
Impulse - pale lavender with lavender shimmer
Glance - intense violet with shimmer
Improvise - deep plum with pink sparkle
Catalyst - black with pink sparkle

Desire - soft, creamy mid-tone pink
Wonder - mid-tone flesh pink with shimmer
Spontaneous - soft beige-gold with shimmer
Whim - soft warm reddish-brown with shimmer
Captivate - mid-tone purple-brown with golden pearl

  Here are the swatches:

  Instinct - Impulse - Glance -Improvise - Catalyst
Desire - Wonder -Spontaneous - Whim - Captivate

  Most of the eyeshadows have good pigmentation except Desire and Captivate.  There is a need to layer and build up Desire for it to show up.  But even if it is not as pigmented as the rest, I love it's color.  It's a very nice highlighter under the brow bone and as a base all over the lid.  Captivate is just one of those eyeshadows that I don't understand hahaha =P  It's a unique color but the reason I don't like it is due to it's sheerness and the color not being true to the pan.  There is a need to use this wet for it to show up more intensely.  

  Although most of the shadows are shimmery, they are very soft and creamy.  They all blend easily and none of the sparkles irritate my eyes unlike some e/s.  It is probably due to the minute size of the particles.  My favorites among the bunch are Wonder, Glance, Whim and Catalyst.  Catalyst can almost pass up as matte because the pink sparkles do not really show up in pictures.  Even in person, the sparkles are small and can only be seen up close.  I love that it is a very intense black.          

  To truly test the eyeshadows, I tried on both of the looks provided in the sample with a few minor tweaks.  =P  The first look makes use of all the shadows on the top row.

  The second look makes use of Desire, Captivate and Catalyst.

  Overall, I like the palette.  The color combination is very nice.  There are a number of looks that can be created with it.  The quality of the shadows are impressive.  Although it could have been better if there are more matte e/s in this palette.  With this, I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

  I recommend this palette to both beginners and more experienced makeup enthusiasts.  The colors included in this palette can be used to create looks from day to night to even smoky.  The full size version of this palette includes a smudge stick waterproof eyeliner which is also great and an eight-page look book.  


  This review contains a sample product provided by House of Flair as part of their Guest Blogger Program.  The full size version of Stila In The Moment Palette can be pre-ordered from House of Flair.  

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