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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Makeup Remover Part I: Pond's Cold Cream

  I saw this product a long time ago (around the '90s) and nope it wasn't a female who was using it then =P  It was my cousin, Kuya Arnold.  He was very particular with his skin care routine and each night I'd see him rubbing his face with this white lemon-scented cream.  I had no idea what it was but I know I love it's scent =P (It reminded me so much of Nivea cream in the blue tin can.)

  Kinda forgot about it and life happened.  Later on I learned what it was and what it's for when we started doing our own cold cream in my Pharmacy lab class in college.  

  It dawned on me that there's such a thing as makeup remover.  =P  I used to clean my face with just a bar of soap (had a long time affair with Neko and it was very effective... I wonder if it's still available in the market...)

  Anyway, even if I knew what it does I still ventured into using several other products mostly facial cleansers and toners.  Thought I don't need it then as I wear very minimal makeup to school.  I started using makeup removers after college when I was wearing heavier makeup.

  Okay, on to the product hehehe =P  Pond's cold cream is a white lemon-scented cream that helps remove makeup even waterproof mascara.  It is white but disappears on the skin when rubbed in and imparts a cooling sensation thus the name.  It is very moisturizing.  I'm not sure if this is the only size available in the market but I remember they use to come in really huge jars.

  I love using this product because it doesn't dry out my skin and it lifts off all makeup and dirt without tugging.  It leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and supple.  I love rubbing this stuff on my face because it smells so good hehehe =P  

  I find myself using this when I'm too lazy to wash my face like if I had a long day and just wanted to sleep right away.  I know this is not a good habit but there are just those nights when I'm too tired.... excuses... excuses... hehehe =P  (Although I haven't broken out from using this without washing, it is still best to follow up with a facial cleanser.)

  This is the most inexpensive among my makeup removers and it does a really good job.  I just have to make sure I use a really soft facial tissue when removing the product off my face.  Also, I use a spatula when scooping out the product to prevent bacterial growth.  This is available in supermarkets and drugstores.  Can't remember how much I paid for it.  =P  Hope these still come in the large jars I used to see when I was younger.  =) xoxo   


  1. Haven’t tried using a cream to remove makeup on my face, it is always facial scrub or cleansers.Thanks for sharing this!
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  2. the blogger Say Tioco Artilliero used this sa isang nyang Vid sa youtube. Sa knya ko nga nkita na pantanggal pla to ng make up...

  3. Hi Pauline and Cris :) This is like the earliest form of makeup remover and was really popular back in the 80's or 90's I think hehehe The cold cream effectively dissolves makeup be it waterproof or not without over drying the skin. :)