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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Welcome to my blog!

  Everyday I make sure I visit all my favorite blogs and YouTube channels (will make a separate post on this) to keep me inspired throughout the day.  And all of these are beauty related blogs made by either local or international bloggers.  (Can't get enough of the word "blog" =P)

  Each time I read a post I say to myself "why not start my own beauty blog and share what I've learned so far?" and I keep on putting off the idea until now.

  My love affair with makeup started when I was around 9 years old and it started with my mom's makeup kit.  Since then I looked forward to every school program and recognition days so that I had an excuse to put on makeup.  Now I can no longer fight the urge to apply makeup not only on myself but on others as well so I enrolled myself to makeup school and I'm on the road towards a "beautiful" career path.

  To start it off, I have here my very first eye-of-the-day (EOTD) which I also call the "I'm late!" look =P  This is a neutral look suitable for running errands during the day, rushing to the bank before the cheque clearing cut-off time or even going to the office.  This is quite an easy look and here is the breakdown:

Eyebrows:  Brown eyebrow pencil blended with medium brown matte eyeshadow to give it a softer look
Eyelid: Shimmery eyeshadow close to my own skin color swept over the lid
Crease:  Satin finish medium brown blended upwards keeping the ends open
Brow bone: Cream colored matte eyeshadow blended downwards meeting the crease color
Upper lash line: Black gel liner applied close to the lash line and slightly flicked at the end
Lower lash line: Black waterproof eyeliner pencil smudged with a bit of medium brown matte eyeshadow
Upper/lower lashes:  Black mascara applied on curled lashes

*I did not use an eyelid primer for this one but I normally do as I have extremely oily lids.  Sorry for the bloodshot eyes and fine lines, this is what I get for lack of sleep and working the late shift.

So this is it, welcome to my blog and watch out for more upcoming posts!  xoxo