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Saturday, February 25, 2012

My very first travel palette: Lancôme Absolu Voyage

  I got this palette two years ago when I went to Singapore for a few days of training.  Funny that I got this on board Singapore Airlines on my way back to the Philippines when I actually visited Sephora at Ion Mall.  I could've gotten myself some Urban Decay stuff which I regret not buying at the time as I was too busy checking out the entire store.  I was lost in la la land =P.

  I ended up testing everything at Sephora to my heart's content but didn't notice they were closing down the store lol.  So to make the long story short, I ended up empty handed but still blissful after playing in wonderland.

  Fast forward to my flight back home, I was checking out their duty free catalog tucked in front of my seat and found the cosmetics section.  There were other palettes in the catalog including Dior travel palettes which are very pretty.  But what made me choose this one other than it being cheaper than Dior is that it does not only contain eyeshadows or lipstick, it has everything for the face.

  It comes with six eyeshadows wthat come in satin, matte, shimmer and glitter finishes.  I am too lazy to figure out their names but I guess you can just check out the swatches later to see the colors.  I love the pink one because the eyeshadow is a very light pink and the glitters are also pink =).

  The mascara is Virtuôse in black which I love but I stopped using it when it started smelling funny.  I just love to keep it inside the palette =P.

  The concealer is way too light and sheer that I just use it as a creamy base for brow highlighter.  The blush is a shimmery pink that is not really suited for my coloring but I can make it work by layering it on top of a cream blush.

  The three lipcolors are pretty.  The one on top comes off like caramel, the one in the middle is somewhat like pink brown and the bottom is a very pretty toned down pink.  Just a bit brighter than the one in the middle.

  The powder again is way too light but I can use it to blot away my oily T-zone and gives a subtle highlight.  I just noticed I lost my lip liner and eyeliner =P.  The brushes that came in the palette are surprisingly usable and very soft.  I just hate the micro mini powder puff because it is useless.

Here are the the swatches on my MAC NC40/MUFE Mat Velvet+ 150 skin:

No Flash

Blush - Concealer - 3 Eyeshadows

 3 Lip Colors - Blush

3 Eyeshadows - Powder - 2 Lip Colors 

With Flash

Lip color - Blush - Concealer - 3 Eyeshadows

 3 Eyeshadows - Powder - 3 Lip colors

Here is a clearer swatch of the lip colors in the middle

This is quite a long post hehehe =P 

To sum it up, I love this because it has everything I need in a compact palette which fits my purse.  The huge mirror is a big plus apart from the brushes.  And the scent of this palette is lovely (not everyone loves their makeup to be scented but I do). Lastly, it looks posh with its piano black finish and velvet pouch that I won't be ashamed to pull it out for retouches in public.  =P 

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